Step 5 – The club has now moved to Step 5 for Adult Matches at a League Level.  Click here for details of Step 5 guidance.

RETURN TO HOCKEY (STEP 4) : BRHC GUIDELINES (rev 3) dated 04 September 2020

BRHC are taking the next step in returning to hockey. In the interest of safety for all, this will not be a blanket re-opening of the facility, but part of our controlled and phased opening based on guidelines from the UK Government, England Hockey, (our National Governing Body) and Ben Rhydding Sports Club Limited.

This third phase will be for BRHC members and occasional agreed guests and will include the club’s team training sessions and the training sessions organised by Max Helme from previous phases and, in addition, junior training and local match play for BRHC adults and juniors.  For clarity, these include:

Session Timings Supervisor
Ladies L1 training (pitch 1) Thursdays 19.00 – 21.00 Demy Dowley or Alex Fletcher
Ladies L2 & 3 (pitch 1) Thursdays 19.00 – 21.00 Ismay MacDonald
Ladies L4 – L6 training (pitch1/2 alternate weekly with M3-6) Wednesdays 19.15-20.45 Charlotte Smith
Mens M1 & M2 training (pitch 1) Tuesdays 19.00 – 21.00 Demy Dowley or Max Helme
Mens M3 – M6 training (pitch1/2 alternate weekly with L4-6) Wednesdays 19.15 – 20.45 Will McHugh
Organised sessions with Max Helme Various – shown on Skedda calendar Max Helme (07507 631598)
Girls U10 training (pitch 1) Wednesdays 17.00-18.00 (starting 9th Sept) Alison Schmidt
Girls U12 training (pitch 1) Wednesdays 18.10-19.10 (starting 9th Sept) Ali Cheeseman-Riley
Girls U14 training (pitch 2) Wednesdays 17.45-19.00 (starting 9th Sept) Chloe McGowan
Girls U16 training (pitch 2) Tuesdays 18.00-19.00 (starting 8th Sept) Katie Worthington
Boys U8 (pitch 1) Fridays 17.30 – 18.20 (starting 11th Sept) Max Helme
Boys U10 (pitch 1 & 2) Fridays 18.30 – 19.30 (starting 11th Sept) Max Helme with Neil Sugden on registers
Boys U12 (pitch 1 & 2) Fridays 19.40-20.40 (starting 11th Sept) Max Helme with Lucy Wilkinson on registers
Boys U14 (pitch 1 & 2) Thursdays 17.50 – 18.50 (starting 10th Sept) Max Helme with Jayne Pickles on registers
Boys U16 & U18 (pitch 2) Thursdays 19.00 – 21.00 Max Helme with Phil Bishop on registers
Ladies 1 As per fixture list Alex Fletcher
Ladies 2 As per fixture list Lia Helme
Ladies 3 As per fixture list Jess Pye
Ladies 4 As per fixture list Pip Bland
Ladies 5 As per fixture list Anne Wood
Ladies 6 As per fixture list Katie Priestley
Mens 1 As per fixture list Robert Ramsden/ M Birchie/ G Gambers
Mens 2 As per fixture list Matt Powell/ Tom Ibison
Mens 3 As per fixture list Ben Blackburn/ Phil Blackburn
Mens 4 As per fixture list Neill Moore
Mens 5 As per fixture list Oliver Harlen/ Ian Shutt
Mens 6 As per fixture list David Abbott or named delegate
Mens 7 Dev League As per fixture list David Abbott or named delegate
Mens 8 Dev League As per fixture list David Abbott or named delegate
All junior matches As per fixture list To be agreed by Junior Admin Assistant/ Junior Coaches for each age group on a match by match basis

All Supervisors are responsible for providing and briefing a delegate if they are not present at the session. This will be particularly relevant for junior matches and Dev League matches.

These outdoor training sessions will be organised by the named Supervisor or Coach in Charge of the Session for juniors and will only be attended by BRHC Coaches and Players who are required to follow England Hockey Procedures for Step 4 Competitive Hockey to resume:

Coaches – EH Guidance for Coaches

Players – EH Guidance for Participants

Matches are to be organised by the named Supervisor and will be attended by BRHC Coaches and Players, Umpires and the Opposition who will be from a local club. The definition of ‘local’ will be interpreted so as to allow teams to play the appropriate standard of opposition.

Umpires – EH Guidance for Umpires

Step 4 Outdoor Competitive Hockey comprises:

  • Competitive training can start immediately once organisers can ensure all guidance is in place.
  • A maximum of 30 people are allowed in one group but more than one group can use a pitch as long as social distancing can be maintained outside of training.
  • Matches (both 11-a-side and small sided) can resume from August. Multiple matches can take place at the same venue as long as social distancing can be maintained between groups outside of matches.

BRHC Covid-19 Guidance for Organised Training Sessions and teams as listed above.

  1. The BRHC Covid Officer is  _________________________________________. If you suspect that you have Covid-19 Symptoms, test positive for Covid-19 or had a contact with a confirmed or suspected Covid case you should contact the Covid Officer. They will contact England Hockey and other hockey participants to advise them of the Covid Event.
  2. No participant should attend hockey activity if they become sick with Covid-19 symptoms, test positive for Covid-19 or have been exposed to a suspected or confirmed case. You should notify the BRHC Covid Officer of the same. If a player turns up at a hockey session, the Supervisor may assume that they have completed a self-check assessment.
  3. No participant should attend hockey activity if they are required to self-isolate or are in quarantine following foreign travel.
  4. All participants will undertake a self-check prior to attending hockey activity – refer to page 22 of Step 4 Guidance in Full , ‘England_Hockey_Getting_Back_on_the_Pitch_-_Step_4_Guidance’.
  5. All participants are to complete EH Participant Agreement 48 hours prior to their first session.
  6. Please park a safe distance away from the next car. If this is not possible ensure social distancing at all times with other car occupants.
  7. Travel to away matches is to follow the EH Guidelines and is to be privately arranged by the participant. Consequently, the option to meet at the club and travel together will no longer be offered by BRHC or team captains.
  8. Once the spectator area opens, spectators will be required to follow BRSC protocols in this regard and will be required to observe 2m social distancing in a maximum group size of 6 at all times. Hands will need to be sanitised on entry and exit to the spectator areas so please encourage spectators to bring their own sanitisor.
  9. Juniors are requested to only bring one spectator with them.
  10. Please note that the clubhouse is only open to provide toilet facilities at key times and occasional bar opening – refer to Clubhouse Protocols. All changing room and catering facilities are closed.
  11. Both pitches will be in use with dug-outs, handrails and goals requiring cleaning between each match or training session. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor or Coach in Charge whose session is ending to disinfect the above (cleaning fluid will be provided for this purpose).
  12. The Team Captain or Supervisor will advise the Opposition Captain or Supervisor of the above points (including BRSC guidelines when further facilities are opened) relating to the facilities at BRHC.
  13. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor (or Coach in charge of session) to unlock and lock the gates safely ensuring that the gates and locks are sterilised every time.
  14. It is the responsibility of the Supervisor (or Coach in charge of session) to place hand sanitiser at the gates.
  15. Observe social distancing of 2m on entry and exit and at all times on the pitch (except during active play), please allow the previous group to vacate the pitch completely prior to entry. At the end of your session you must vacate the pitch quickly ensuring social distancing at all times.
  16. There are no rubbish bins on site. Please remove all rubbish and equipment when you leave.
  17. A gap of 10mins will be allowed between training sessions.
  18. 105 minutes will be allowed between pushbacks to allow for clearing of the pitch after matches; this will be monitored and amended as necessary. Teams waiting to enter a pitch are requested to wait (whilst socially distancing) on the grass between clubhouse and pitch1.
  19. Senior training sessions will be limited to a single coaching group of 30 participants or two separate groups of 20 participants each.
  20. Junior training sessions may comprise a maximum of 48 players (four groups of 12 players for training) on a single pitch. No one coaching group is to exceed 30 participants.
  21. For matches, a maximum number of 30 participants will be allowed to actively participant in competitive hockey within the field of play at any one time. For clarity, substitutes, managers and/or coaches who are not actively on the field of play during matches (and maintain social distancing whilst pitchside) are not included in this total.
  22. The Supervisor for senior training sessions will run an electronic booking system for their session (using App/ email/ phone) including ‘self-check’ by players. Do not just turn up.
  23. Junior training sessions will not include a booking system but numbers will be monitored and a system implemented if numbers look to exceed 48.
  24. The Supervisor will register all attendees at the session (checking EH Participant Agreement is completed by all)
  25. Hands-on first aid will only be provided in the event of life threatening or very serious injuries. All players are to bring their own basic first aid kit and will self-treat minor injuries with a socially distanced first aider in attendance.
  26. Every Under 18 player must be signed in by a Parent or Guardian (or an adult that the parent/ Guardian has privately agreed with to represent them), who will confirm that a self-check for symptoms has been undertaken. As players are required to self-treat minor injuries, under the guidance of a socially distanced first aider, it is recommended that parents practice cleaning a wound and applying a dressing with their children.
  27. Parents or Guardians are required to be present with U8s during training sessions.
  28. The Covid Officer will advise the Supervisor of all valid EH Agreements prior to the session.
  29. The Supervisor will provide a safety briefing to players (and parents and guardians if applicable) of the expectations and standards required at the start of all sessions.
  30. The Supervisor will complete EH Attendance Register ( template ) for the session and submit to within 24 hours of said session. This is to be copied by email to the Covid Officer  who will check at regular intervals that Attendance Registers have been sent for all sessions.
  31. Anyone using the pitch should have read the EH guidelines – Step 4 Guidance in full
  32. All players are to use own equipment (stick, shinpads, gumshield, facemasks, 1st aid kit etc), do not share and avoid touching other equipment (Cones, balls etc). When passing, only touch the ball with your stick.
  33. Individual BRHC-owned Goal Keeping kits will be provided for U14, U16 and U18 GKs. For younger players, BRHC-owned GK kit will be managed by the Junior Equipment Officer who will ensure kit has been cleaned or left for 72 hours. GK training sessions will be planned to ensure this can happen.
  34. All players in senior hockey will provide their own facemasks for defending short corners, if applicable. For junior hockey, BRHC-owned facemasks will be provided and marked-up so no sharing occurs during a match. The facemasks will be cleaned after use. The older junior who regularly defends short corners will be encouraged to purchase their own facemask.
  35. If the Supervisor requests assistance to move goals, collect balls, etc then sanitise your hands immediately afterwards.
  36. All payments are to be contactless – no cheques or cash will be accepted by BRHC.

Should any individual or group be found in breach of the above guidelines then BRHC reserves the right to close the facilities to that individual or group until further notice.

For the avoidance of doubt, these guidelines apply to hockey sessions organised by BRHC; they do not apply to hockey activities at BRSC organised by other organisations.