10th Oct 2020 Ladies 4th v Kingston upon Hull(Away) 3 - 0 win

On Saturday the intrepid 4th team set off to fulfill one of its many distant away fixtures. The exact time and place was a secret for days as for the second time in 2 years Hull had their pitch vandalised and they had to search for a new venue. It looks like they will be nomads for a long while to come as there are no plans to get the pitch repaired.
The new look hockey involves a lot of loitering around car parks, locating the toilets and attempting to negotiate the myriad of rules that accompany the use of them.
Through no fault of anybody we were reduced in numbers from 12 to 11 at the last minute. Hull had 15 and so of course we all agreed that having subs was just an unsettling nuisance.
Our first goal came from a short corner. Lucy Laycock injecting to her Mum ,JB, who calmly slipped the ball right for the talented Ellie Koral to thunder into the back board.
Ellie's second goal resulted from a solo run and shot which was saved by a diving keeper. As cool as a cucumber Ellie lifts the rebound over the prostrate goalie. I told you she is talented.
Of course Hull did some attacking too but their efforts were thwarted by a determined defence. The legend that is Shads, in goal, gave us all the confidence we needed, with her trademark sliding skills and positive attitude. Talking about legendary keepers. Anne Rawlinson was called up to play for the 3s in their new division in the North League. How many 66 year olds do you know who have played at that level. Good on you Anne.
Mary P and Phil Glassford ( our superstar skipper) were a classy double act at L and R back, doing a job they didn't want to do and no one else wanted to do either. Pippa Threlfall and Ana Campion were tireless, interchanging seamlessly to cover RH and RI. Their attacking play led to the third goal as a cross from the right was pounced on by Katherine Liver who has made LI position her own.
Hull continued to put pressure on our goal but tight marking and excellent tackling from Maeve Barrett meant that their skilful winger was stopped in her tracks. More attacking play came from our speedy youngsters Lucy Laycock and Liddy Sunman but we had to settle for just the 3 goals.

Many of the 4s attend the excellent training on Wednesday nights delivered to us by Charlotte and Kirsty. I'm sure that they will be delighted to hear that we have all listened to their advice and, even better, put it into practice on Saturday. Thanks you two. Your coaching is very much appreciated
England Hockey have told us to cherish each game. The 4s have taken up this mantra and intend to cherish each game and each other, especially when we drive to Hull and win.