5th Oct 2019 Mens 3rd v Sheffield Hallam 5(Home) 2 - 3 loss

The first minute of the game set the tone for the for the first half, Sheffield Hallam (SH) driving hard and forcing Josh Hughes to save on the line. SH seemed to be all over us in the first period, there were glimpses of good possession great one touches, but we often seemed to try and go one pass to far where SH would intercept. Ben did some sterling work as first defender at shorts, frequently getting his little legs to carry him up to first receiver and pressurize the SH shot wide. Logie and Sam were also busy as SH seemed to get down into the D with ease. A firm shot from outside the D was deflected in the D into goal though, SH 1 BR 0. SH's second came from a controversial umpire decision giving SH a flick. 2-0. Steve Paxton skillfully threading the ball through into the SH D several times, sadly, to no avail. A huge surge from SH in response leaves Hughes exposed against a charging rhino of a player, he zings a shot only for Hughes to deflect it right over the back fence onto the Men's President's car!

In the second half it became more evident that the umpires missed each other from way on the opposite sides of the pitch. They would often stop the game for a little chat in the middle and share a cup of tea. Ben desperately wanted to join in too but was sent back to the SH half on a short leaving space for the 3rd SH goal. Just when we thought the SH was impenetrable Ken caught SH off guard when he took a quick hit out, tears up the pitch and passes inside to Euan who places it deftly into the back of the goal. 3-1, the crowd go wild. The BR, reignited now, definitely have the better final 25mins, as their energy levels and confidence increase. A superb interception from Barney who surges toward the corner flag, he passes to Wardle then Zak screeches it into goal. 3-2. Come on BR! The crowd go wild again (apart from Neill Moore who apparently knows the rules) when we believe we score from the next short only for it to be judged above the back board. A feverish last 5 mins goes unrewarded for BR as the final score remains SH 3 - BR 2. If the boys can start their next game as they finished this one, they will be tough to beat in Lincoln next week.