9th Nov 2019 Mens 3rd v Kingston-upon-Hull 2(Home) 2 - 8 loss

An icey blast came in from the East in the form of Hull, currently second in the league. A great start from BR however saw Barnaby draw a short corner from Hull which was driven in nicely in bottom left by James. This was despite the attentions of former BR player, Henry Priestley, who now plays keeper for Hull. The super start proved not to be sustainable from BR as the Hull boys started to get their heads into the game from their long drive and build pressure on the Rhydding defence. It took about 15mins before the first goal from Hull which came from what looked like a speculative drive into the D that just happened to hit a Hull stick. This goal energised Hull and more pressure from them produced a better constructed goal from the visitors. Hull had the bit between their teeth now, 3 big shots on goal deftly deflected by Josiah in goal, getting the ball finally to Josh who was able to get the ball into the opposition's half for a rare 30secs. By half time we were ready for the whistle at 4 - 1.

A rejuvenated Rhydding after half time gave Henry P some attention. A shot from a short seemed to bobble over the line making the capacity crowd (well we couldn't fit any more into the shelter anyway) go wild, only to be disallowed. ☹. Further heartbreak at the opposite end was avoided by an amazing dive from Josiah stopping a sure heavy strike into bottom right. Small respite as Will converted a short firmly into the goal but it was short lived when Hull responded within the minute. A very crisp game from Hull today. BR played a bit like England last week, struggling to keep the ball for pivotal moments in the game and not putting enough pressure on the opposition. Final score 8-2.