16th Nov 2019 Mens 3rd v Chapeltown 2(Away) 1 - 2 loss

BR IIIs have every right to be disappointed on leaving Chapel Town without at least a league point today. Early pressure from both sides enables shots on goal, BR narrowly missing their opportunity where a defection would have drawn first blood and Andrew defending their short corner solidly to gain BR an easy out. The repost from BR takes the ball right into the CT D where Josh Normington gets a great shot on goal only to be stopped by a defender’s foot. The umpire’s keen vision spotted the offense giving BR a penalty flick which was swiftly deposited into the back of the goal by Ryan Dunn. The early goal energised both teams and for much of the first half play was evenly matched. The threat of Aiden and Euan’s stick skills were causing the CT defense some problems up front while the rotating back 4 of Andrew, Ben, Josh D., Ken and Logie were solid in defence. Jacob Dawson’s little legs frequently chased down attackers to thwart attacking forays. Still CT got through for a short but a super deflection from Jacob onto the crossbar denied them. In the last 2 mins of the first half though, the umpire took out his X Ray specs and spotted an offense by Ken in the D to give CT a short they were able to convert. 1-1 at half time.

A high energy second half ensued, both teams desperate to gain the advantage. A cracking break from Jack Worthy looked to be the play to do just that but the CT defence rallied quickly and cut off the assist from Jacob to Ryan. Despite several short corners for BR, James was just outside the left post for one, we are unable to convert where CT do. A desperately close game down in Sheffield BR played with grit, with passion but just lost out at the end. Chapel Town 2 – Ben Rhydding 1.