15th Feb 2020 Mens 3rd v Doncaster 4(Home) 9 - 0 win

Storm Rhydding proved to much to handle for Doncaster. Blackie's Boys were swift, accurate in their passing and displayed amazing work-rate. The attacking waves were relentless, threading passes though the Donny defence, players running off the ball, crisp urgent communication, great team play undeterred, in fact in defiance of, Storm Dennis.
Logie and Josh H. - Enjoyed a cup of tea with custard creams behind the 23. Donny only getting there once in the second half.
Aiden, Josh D., Ryan D., Ken, Dynamo Dawson, Euan, Greg, Zac, Barney, Sam - Great vision, picking out passes and working hard to exploit space. Feeding our attackers extremely well and varying the short corners.
Blackie - a superb captain's performance, led by example. Seldom have I seen those little legs move so fast or for so long! Plenty of smoke blowing!
Zac Attack and Barney Bash - 4 goals each! Some sublime, such as Zac's drag flick from a short and some very cheeky dribblers, the keeper's going have some nightmares!
The piece de resistance, a superb pass from Dynamo Dawson to Barney on the left wing. Barney injects across the P spot which connects with Ryan'who had been sliding in from the outside of the D leaving the final score 9 - 0.
Josh H. The only exception to the outstanding work-rate was Josh Hughes in goal, I wish he'd made a bit more effort! Only twice did he touch the ball, and one of those was to carry the ball to the centre spot for the second half push back!