7th Dec 2019 Mens 3rd v Sheffield Hallam 5(Away) 1 - 1 draw

Josh N came off early in the game from a sprained ankle or to just cuddle with his girl who knows?

Strong defence from Rhydding kept Sheffield out until the last minute in the 1st half and then Sheffield scored a cheap goal.

The second half the Rhydding boys were up for it, after being supplied dummies by Josh D, the sugar rush made it impossible for the Sheffield boys to get a sniff of the goal, then from what were many questionable passes from Jacob Dawson, an absolute peach and then the MOTM Euan W. went through a gap to gain a 1 on 1 with the keeper. The keeper went way to wide and Euan smacked the ball top left, he did get told off from the umpire, though, for using naughty words in his goal celebration! 😯)

With the solid defence of the Rhydding boys came Aiden, the boy who plays like a man, he made great tackles and had a great time shocking the opposition, taking lovely cross field passes from Andy S and from Ben, when he got the ball and was given the space. Sheffield didn't know what to do and he got the ball right up the the other side of the pitch within an instant, keeping Sheffield on their toes.

Pratty just scared the opposition off.

Final score 1 - 1. An amazing result for 10 men against 11 in this league.