8th Feb 2020 Mens 3rd v Harrogate 4(Home) 4 - 3 win

M3 vs Harrogate 4-3 WIN

The 3’s go into every match as the under dogs, due to their losing streak of about 63, but this may be an advantage especially when you find yourselves having to rival one of the top teams in the league. This might sound strange but due to the over confidence of Harrogate and the fact they’re Harrogate (so they get annoyed at just about anything) they managed to work their way into two green cards and a 4-3 loss against the second bottom team in the league – the mighty BRHC M3’s.

The first half went how you would’ve thought: the first ten minutes rolled out at a quiet and leisurely pace until the feisty Harrogate won a short corner and had a chance to show us their lethal PCA which went something like, “injector gets told off by the umpire then he gives it to the single castle at top D where a player from North Yorkshire makes a half-hearted attempt to pull out his lethal drag flick and slot it past Paddy”. Of course, this didn’t work because we have Sam and as our young team know from Thursday night junior training if you put the ball over his stick your legs will cease to exist. This approach obviously scared the Harrogate player as he slotted the ball into the green fence behind the goal. Not so long after this new hair cut number 1 (also known as Barnie) went on a little adventure with Zak into the Harrogate D. This adventure consisted of Barnie playing an excellent pass to Zak which he then took to his reverse and with one well timed shot it went in the back of the net although on this occasion Mr “I’m bad at shooting” (also known as Zak) managed to bobble the ball into the keeper who pretended to be a statue in order to stop the ball from crawling into his goal. After this small scouting, the ball was taken end to end for about 15 minutes until Rhydding decided they wanted another family outing to Harrogate’s D where a great lead from new hair cut 2 (also known as Aidan) resulted with the ball being deflected by their keeper straight into the path of “I can’t score unless it’s a tap in” Wardle, who continued the outing with a one touch wonder straight into the bottom corner. 1-0 to Rhydding at half time.

The second half started with a Harrogate push back that end up with the ball in Rhydding’s back left corner. The ball was tackled away from Ben which then led to a push by Harrogate, a stick block and then a goal 1-1. Time passed with no real advantage for either team until the ball was forced into Harrogate’s back left corner (apparently the corner to score from) resulting in linked up play between Buck and Wardle before Worthington whop slotted the ball under the keeper. 2-1 Rhydding. A consistent pattern to the play started to form: a few shorts; one is scored; then no play of any significance happens; and then nothing happens for about five minutes. A short is awarded to Harrogate which this time they convert to level the score at 2-2. Again, the pattern returns until Rhydding win a short from a shave tackle into the foot of a Harrogate defender which is then swiftly followed up by a hit from top D by Buck straight into the bottom right corner. 3-2 to Rhydding . Harrogate turn the ball over to Rhydding who capitalise and win another short which Buck drag flicks into the bottom right corner. 4-2. Rhydding continue to put the effort in but it wouldn’t be enough as Harrogate win a short and a Harrogate player pulls out his mighty drag flick which this time converts. 4-3 to Rhydding. With seconds remaining, the restart took inspiration from the Australian national team, the ball passed from Wardle to Buck and then the half pitch aerial back to Wardle who had a one on one with the keeper but to no avail. Final score 4-3 to Ben Rhydding.