29th Feb 2020 Mens 3rd v Doncaster 4(Away) 5 - 0 win

Josh Hughes was able to save all his energy for the Hockey Ball on Saturday night, as he took to the field at Donny. Despite the Doncaster side having a very different personnel from their trip to Ben Rhydding a couple of weeks ago, the result still went Rhydding's way in the end, the opposition were just more recalcitrant . A swift break away from a Doncaster short enabled BR to draw first blood gained first about 12 minutes in. Zac caught the defence unprepared with a swift assault ending in Zac shooting a solid goal from just inside the D. A couple of minutes later a short for BR was saved in the first instance only for Ken to press the advantage and get an assist across the P spot for Euan to convert. The last goal of the second half started from Dynamo Dawson who made a great pass up to Barney who then became isolated just to the right of the D, Ryan was desparate to join in the fun however, at full sprint, like a billowing steam train he was able to get into the D in time for a well placed pass from Barney, Ryan took the ball left and excuted a sweet reverse stick hit into the back of the net. Strong play from the mid field continued to thwart Donny's time with the ball Josh D, Worthy, Aiden were all being really strong and the ball giving little for Blackie, Ken and Logie to do in defence. The interplay between these boys really come on strong in the second half of the season. Dynamo displayed great stick play early in the second half, beating 3 players on our 23 before and run and superb pass, floating a ball half way down the pitch to Zac who was just outside the D. Barney was the lucky recipient of Zac's pass and Barney skillfully beat the keeper for goal 4. Donny weren't finished yet, this young side still had legs and pushed Rhydding for most of the rest of this half but were undone with a short, Dynamo Dawson widening the goal on the right, for a well deserved finish, to make it 5 - 0 to Blackie's Boys.