Use of Hockey AstroTurf Pitches

BRHC are taking the first steps to return to hockey, in the interest of safety for all this will not be a blanket re-opening of the facility but a controlled and phased opening based on guidelines from the UK Government, England Hockey, (our National Governing Body) and Ben Rhydding Sports Club Limited.

The first phase will be for BRHC members only, these will be training sessions organised by fully qualified, insured coaches and groups of up to six people (coach + five players) all sessions must be booked via Max Helme on 07507 631598. email:

Initially only Pitch 1 will be opened, however this will be constantly monitored and hopefully further sessions may be released as the lockdown eases.

BRHC Covid-19 Guidance for use of Astro Pitch

  1. Only BRHC Members are allowed to use the pitches – No guests /visitors.
  2. Every Under 18 player must be supervised by a parent or Guardian, all usual safeguarding guidelines must be observed
  3. The pitches must be pre-booked via Max Helme and recorded on the Google calendar
  4. Bookings slots are for a 1 hour duration , and must include the name of the organiser (Qualified, Insured coach) and wherever possible all players taking part
  5. Allow 10 minutes at the end of your booking to pack up and leave the pitch area.
  6. Maximum number of four groups on each pitch during each slot
  7. Use your own equipment, do not share and avoid touching other equipment (Cones, balls etc). when passing, only touch the ball with your stick
  8. Observe social distancing of 2m on entry and exit and at all times on the pitch, please allow the previous group to vacate the pitch prior to entry
  9. The dug-outs will not be available and will be cordoned off
  10. Wash your hands thoroughly before and after using the pitch – we recommend that you bring your own hand sanitiser
  11. Bring your own drinks and remove all your equipment and rubbish when you leave, there will be no rubbish bins on site
  12. Avoid touching Goals, handrails and dugouts
  13. It is the responsibility of the coach to unlock and lock the gates safely ensuring that the gates and locks are sterilised every time
  14. Please park a safe distance away from the next car
  15. Please note that the clubhouse is currently closed, so there are no toilet, shower or refreshment facilities available
  16. The spectator area will be open for Parents or Guardians but the stand will be closed, please observe 2m social distance at all times, sanitise your hands thoroughly on entry and exit
  17. Do not use the pitch if you or a member of your household has symptoms of Covid-19
  18. Do not participate if you are required to self-isolate
  19. Anyone using the pitch should have read the EH guidelines-‘Getting back on the pitch-Step 2’.   These are available on the EH website under the Cover-19 support tab.

Should any group be found in breach of the above guidelines then BRHC reserves the right to close the facilities until further notice

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