Recent Results
16 Feb
Mens 1st beat Doncaster 2 10-0(H)
Mens 2nd beat Sheff Univ Bankers 4 4-1(A)
Mens 3rd beat City of York 7 1-0(A)
Mens 4thCity of York 6 -(H)
Mens 5th beat Driffield 3 2-1(A)
Mens 6thAiredale 3 -(A)
Mens 7th beat Slazengers 6 3-0(H)
Ladies 1st lost to Belper 0-2(H)
Ladies 2nd lost to Morpeth Ladies 1s 0-3(A)
Ladies 3rdLeeds Adel 2 -(H)
Ladies 4thScarborough 1 -(A)
Ladies 6thCity of York 6 -(H)

23 Feb
Ladies 5th (H) 11:00 v Airedale 2
Mens 4th (H) 12:00 v Mirfield 1
Ladies 2nd (H) 15:00 v Lancaster 1s
Mens 7th (H) 16:00 v Ben Rhydding 6
Mens 2nd (A) 12:00 v Sheffield Hallam 5
Ladies 1st (A) 12:30 v Loughborough Students
Mens 1st (A) 13:30 v Deeside Ramblers 2
Mens 3rd (A) 14:00 v Boston Spa 2
Mens 5th (A) 15:00 v Scarborough 2
Mens 6th (A) 16:00 v Ben Rhydding 7