We run many Boys & Girls teams during the season.

Monthly tournaments are organised for Under 10s, Under 12s, Under 14s, Under 16s and Under 18s, based on player’s age 1st Sept. National competitions are organised at U11, U13 level. End of season tournaments and selections are also conducted at U12, U13, U14 & U16 level (based on age at 1st Jan)

Yorkshire Youth Hockey League Dates for 2015/16

Click here to go to the most up-to-date schedules for the Youth Hockey Leagues.

Not all dates are yet confirmed – those we know are listed below

 U16 Boys  8 Nov  29 Nov 13 Dec  3 Jan  31 Jan  7 Feb  6 Mar
 U16 Girls  15 Nov  22 Nov 13 Dec  10 Jan  14 Feb  13 Mar
 U14 Boys  15 Nov  22 Nov  6 Dec  24 Jan  28 Feb  20 Mar
 U14 Girls  8 Nov  22 Nov  29 Nov  17 Jan  31 Jan  7 Feb  6 Mar
 U12 Boys  25 Oct  22 Nov  3 Jan  14 Feb  13 Mar     
 U12 Girls  1 Nov  29 Nov  10 Jan  13 Mar
 U10 Boys     13 Sept 6 Dec  17 Jan  28 Feb  
 U10 Girls  8 Nov  13 Dec  24 Jan  7 Feb  28 Feb


Preparation for matches

  1. Early to bed!
  2. Good nourishing breakfast
  3. High energy snack and drink (water is best NOT fizzy!)
  4. Allow plenty of time to travel. Know where you are going!
  5. Consult this equipment checklist!

Note – it is NOT advisable to play if you are ill! If you have to cancel please try and contact your team manager as early as possible.

What Kit do I need for Matches?

  1. Shinpads
  2. Gumshield
  3. Warm clothing
  4. Oh yes, and a stick!
  5. BRHC Shirt
  6. BRHC Socks
  7. White shorts
  8. Astro shoes
  9. Water bottle
  10. Snack/food
  11. Match fee
  12. Change of clothing & towel

Note – you are representing your club. Be smart and wear the correct club kit.

Kit for Ben Rhydding Hockey Club can be purchased from Dobson & 11 Robinson Ltd, Intersport, The Grove, Ilkley, Tel: 01943608549 I.

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