The club has entered boys and girls teams into the Yorkshire Youth Hockey League(YYHL) at U10, U12, U14 and U16 again this year. Each age group comprises a number of divisions so you will usually play against 3 to 5 other teams with promotions and demotions between divisions after each match Sunday. The U10s and U12s play 7 a-side on half pitches typically at Weetwood or Leeds Adel; the U14s and U16s play 11 a-side on a full pitch at various clubs and schools across Yorkshire.

In addition, U10s and U12s ‘A’ teams play in the National In2Hockey(minis) competitions, 7 a-side played over 3 rounds (West Yorkshire, Yorkshire and Norths) if successful in each round. The U12s competition in a National Final for the top two teams in the North. The U14s, U16s and U18s ‘A’ teams are entered in Tier 1 of the England Hockey National Cup.

Yorkshire Youth Hockey League Dates for 2019/20 (dated August 2019)

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Below are the dates for the season. Please make a note of these dates and be available as often as possible. Please respond promptly to requests to play when asked to do so by your Administrator/ Coach.


06/10 (boys) 13/10 (girls)

03/11 (boys) 10/11 (girls)

01/12 (boys) 15/12 (girls)

26/01 (boys) 12/01 (girls)

01/03 (boys) 16/02 (girls)

05/04 (boys) 22/03 (girls)


29/09 (boys) 22/09 (girls)

27/10 (boys) 20/10 (girls)

08/12 (boys) 17/11 (girls)

09/02 (boys) 19/01 (girls)

15/03 (boys) 23/02 (girls)

05/04 (boys) 29/03 (girls)


06/10 (boys) 13/10 (girls)

03/11 (boys) 27/10 (girls)

15/12 (boys ) 15/12 (girls)

02/02 (boys) 26/01 (girls)

23/02 (boys) 16/02 (girls)

29/03 (boys) 15/03 (girls)

Play off finals (all divisions) – boys & girls



29/09 (boys & girls)

13/10 (boys) 20/10 (girls)

27/10 (boys) 10/11 (girls)

01/12 (boys & girls)

12/01 (boys & girls)

09/02 (boys & girls)

Play off finals (all divisions) – boys & girls


National In2Hockey dates U10 & U12 – girls & boys

West Yorkshire round – 24/11

Yorkshire round – 08/03

Norths round – 26/04

Nationals (U12 only) – 17/05

EH Cup (girls & boys)

Yorkshire round – 10/11

Yorkshire finals – 09/02

North finals – 05/04

Nationals – 09/05 (boys) 10/05 (girls)

EH Cup (girls & boys)

Yorkshire round – 17/11

Yorkshire finals – 02/02

North finals – 08/03

Nationals – 05/04

No short corners this season for U10s in YYHL Sunday league Indoor


Nationals – 19/01

Please note that your child remains your responsibility at all times during Sunday matches which may have limited facilities or shelter and can finish early or be cut short due to unforeseen circumstances.

Preparation for matches

  1. Early to bed!
  2. Good nourishing breakfast
  3. High energy snack and drink (water is best NOT fizzy!)
  4. Allow plenty of time to travel. Know where you are going!
  5. Consult this equipment checklist!

Note – it is NOT advisable to play if you are ill! If you have to cancel please try and contact your team manager as early as possible.

What Kit do I need for Matches?

  1. Shinpads
  2. Gumshield
  3. Warm clothing
  4. Oh yes, and a stick!
  5. BRHC Shirt
  6. BRHC Socks
  7. White shorts
  8. Astro shoes
  9. Water bottle
  10. Snack/food
  11. Match fee
  12. Change of clothing & towel

Note – you are representing your club. Be smart and wear the correct club kit.

Kit for Ben Rhydding Hockey Club can be purchased from Dobson & 11 Robinson Ltd, Intersport, The Grove, Ilkley, Tel: 01943608549 I.